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Advantages of the Higher Standards Approach to Staffing

Are you paying a temp agency to recruit staff that you could just as easily recruit yourself?

Would you like to reduce your company’s core staff turnover and reduce labor costs?

Do you want to staff up quickly for a project that requires special skills but will end in a few months?

Do you want more time to evaluate temp-to-hire employees without incurring additional fees?

Higher Standards meets your most challenging staffing requirements and saves you money, too. We’re a staffing services company that specializes in ensuring that you get the right people to fill your positions. Our approach gives you the flexibility to adjust your workforce to your workload and make your hires permanent only if and when it makes sense to do so.

Higher Standards pioneered the payroll transfer concept, which delivers the same benefits of a contract-to-hire arrangement with even greater savings. Your candidates are placed on the High Standards payroll for an introductory or protracted period of time. This enables you to:
• Insulate your company from employer liability
• Eliminate probationary period exposure and terminations
• Increase core staff retention rates by motivating employees
• Fully evaluate candidates—“try before you buy”
• Lower staffing and related personnel costs

Informed Hire Approach

Additional Benefit to the Program.... Simplified Bookkeeping
You receive a single invoice per pay period that covers:
• Employee compensation
• Federal and state taxes
• Workers compensation
• Benefit payments