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Unique and Flexible Staffing Strategies

Temp-to-Hire Staffing
Our Informed Hire program is ideal for companies that want more control over their staffing along with the risk-mitigation of a temp-to-hire strategy. By doing your own recruiting, you get the people you want without paying recruitment fees.

We put the employees on our payroll, freeing you from having to administer taxes, benefits, workers compensation, and unemployment insurance. If an employee has a problem or question relating to benefits, we take care of it.

Plus, you can fully evaluate their performance before hiring them permanently— essentially conducting an “on-the-job interview.” Increase salaries or add benefits over time if you choose. Your company and the employee can defer a commitment for up to half a year, until you’re both sure you’ve made the right decision.

Project Staffing
Higher Standards has an extensive track record for providing companies with project-oriented staffing. Select the talent you need for your project, then let us handle the hiring and personnel details so you can concentrate on your core business. If the project turns out to last longer than you anticipated, you can extend the term of employment for some or all of the staff without financial penalties. There is no limit to the number of employees covered by the program.

Seasonal or Busy-Period Hiring
We give you the flexibility to expand or reduce your staff in response to your business cycles and the ups and downs of the marketplace. Add employees at peak times—for a month or a year—without having to lay them off during slow periods.

Temporary Staffing Options

Optional Services
Higher Standards can also assist you with some of the tasks involved in screening your job recruits. We can arrange for drug testing, background and reference checks, fingerprinting, and other pre-employment safeguards that help ensure you hire the right person.