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Take Greater Control of Your Staffing—And Save

Higher Standards’ unique service strategy is ideal for companies that want to add temp-to-hire, project, and seasonal employees to their workforce without incurring the expense and uncertainty of having an agency recruit and select those employees.

Our service programs allow you take greater control of your staffing by finding employees that meet your specific standards and specifications. We then transfer the employees to our payroll and handle all personnel matters.

This strategy enables you to add staff on a temporary basis for the full term of a project or a busy period. If you want to take advantage of temp-to-hire, you can evaluate your hires for up to six months before offering them permanent positions. You also avoid the fees that a conventional temp agency charges to perform the search and hiring functions—which can save your company 50% or more.

Some compelling reasons why you should choose Higher Standards as your temp-to-hire/ temporary employment partner:

• Leverage your industry knowledge by posting your jobs and assessing candidates' qualifications in house.
• Minimize your administrative burden and avoid turnover and excessive labor costs by keeping your
  permanent employee headcount low.
• Maintain control by managing new hires directly and evaluating their performance in the work environment.
• Reduce your risks by allowing us to assume employer responsibilities, thereby avoiding potential pitfalls
  such as unemployment hearings and termination litigation.
• Increase productivity with a well-qualified staff that you have the option of hiring permanently.

To compete successfully, your company needs to be able to adapt to a fast-changing business environment without undergoing constant hiring and firing cycles. That means adopting a staffing model that allows you to add to your staff and thoroughly try out potential permanent employees while maintaining your core headcount. Higher Standards provides innovative, flexible staffing services that allow you to build and maintain the kind of first-rate workforce that guarantees you a competitive edge.