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A More Intelligent Way to Staff Your Company

Higher Standards is a temporary staffing agency with a big difference. We help you meet your staffing requirements and achieve peak performance with a skilled and flexible workforce. But unlike other temp agencies, we leave the recruiting to you. Our innovative hiring approach lets you bring the people on board who are exactly right for your business. Plus, you save up to 50% of what a conventional agency would charge.

Higher Standards’ service programs are the intelligent way to staff your company because you know more about who you’re hiring—and you don’t pay for services you don’t need. Fill your temp-to-hire or temporary positions with candidates that you select and avoid high recruitment and service fees. We place the employees on our payroll, minimizing your hiring risks.

Higher Standards: It’s the smart way to hire a quality staff and achieve the best results for your company. Read more

A hi-tech client required an assembly team for a five month project--Higher Standards was the answer.

With Higher Standards flexible staffing service, a homecare facility was able to evaluate their care providers on the job before making a more permanent decision.